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When Distressed By Trials

June 16, 2019



Reading The Bible

- Not written to help us have a better life or create happiness.
- To reduce it to that level is to sell it out.
- It was written to create faith and prepare us for eternity.
- Life is a vapor and short in length in comparison to span of eternity.
- The Bible prepares us  for the return of the Lord.
- The Bible teaches us to be faithful and resist the temptation to fall away in the midst of struggle.

1 Peter 1:3-10

We Have Been Born Again

- When one is Born again or regenerated, the focus is in a life lived more than focusing on the new birth event. - Regeneration creates a new heart and new life. - When we met Jesus, we enter into a hope that has eternity as a promise.

We Have An Inheritance

- What God has for us in eternity is held together by Him.
- It cannot rot, become darkened by evil, nor run out.
- In this life we struggle with a world that is constantly breaking down and perishing.
- The inheritance described in this passage finds its foundations in the Old Testament to the patriarch Abraham.
- The inheritance we have waiting for us creates a hope that causes us to persevere.

We Are Protected By The Power Of God

- We need to realize that we are living in the Last Days. - God is protecting our eternity. - The power of God protects our faith in this life to keep us to the end. - When we face temptation, the power of God is with us to restore us back to Himself.

We Face Distressing Trials

- 1 Peter is written during a time of persecution against Christianity much like what we are witnessing today.
- The Christians were told by Peter to rejoice even when being ridiculed.
- Trials are necessary in life to learn the the nature of God through depending on Him.
- When we live through trials through God’s power, we become a witness in the world.
- We need to resist the temptation to accuse God during trial.
- We need let trial prove that we believe.
- Our faith cannot come from others. We must have our own proof of faith.

Our Faith Is More Precious Than Gold

- We struggle with financial security and trust in God.
- Choosing to trust in Jesus instead of moving away from obedience to Him over finances is test we will face.
- We have the Body of Christ to help us work through this trial.
- Gold is tested by fire. We will be tested by fire.

When Jesus Returns We Receive Our Reward

- Jesus is coming back and there will be praise and honor.
- We will praise and honor Him.
- He will honor us. “Well done good and faithful servant. “

We Love Him Though We Do Not See Him

- We have a faith in Jesus that is more real than what this world holds.
- A faith so real that is hard to explain.
- The ultimate goal is the salvation of our soul.
- We leave this planet taking nothing with us but our faith in Jesus.