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Not Condemned

April 28, 2019

Romans 8:1-17

Being condemned is like being a prisoner who cannot escape a sentence of judgement regardless of how hard they try. Condemnation is a destructive mindset and emotion that too many live under. Thankfully, God loves us and has sent His son Jesus to set us free from the struggle of condemnation. Listen along and believe what God has done for us!

We live between two realms

- Sin is a power that has its own realm of authority and atmosphere
- Jesus transferred us from that realm and power into the realm and power of the Holy Spirit
- Sin carries a penalty of death that no human can escape or reverse
- Jesus paid the price for our sin so that we are “justified” before God and bear no guilt regarding sin
- Just – as – if – I’d never sinned

We have been transferred

- A true “interchange” has taken place. Jesus became what we are on the cross so that we become like He is in holiness
- The Christian lifestyle is not trying to prove the Laws of God but living them as the true demonstration that the Law giver lives within us
- To be sanctified – is to submit to the Holy Spirit no longer walking in the old realm nature of sin and rebellion
- The “flesh” and the “Spirit” are two realms that generate two lifestyles
- These two “realms” generate two “mindsets”

We are Spirit led

- We live a “new-life” through the Holy Spirit while walking out our life in the “old” atmosphere of this world
- The Spirit does more than guide, He inhabits our whole life!
- We live in an “now and not yet” place in this life
- The Spirit has come as we have been adopted into God and causes us to cry out!
- That is why worship is real for the child of God. The realm of the Spirit is alive in in us and compelling us to worship God!