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Mothers Called And Restored

May 12, 2019

2 Timothy 1:1-7

In this tender passage of scripture, the apostle Paul is speaking to his spiritual son Timothy who he has left as pastor to the church at Ephesus. The beauty of this verse for Mothers Day is found in the honor placed upon Timothy’s grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice. In these verses, the apostle Paul attributes the strong foundation of faith working through Timothy’s leadership as being cultivated by faithful mothers in his life.

Paul first meets Timothy in Acts sixteen when Paul is beginning his second missionary journey. There it states that Timothy was the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer and was well spoken of. At this point Timothy leaves the care and training of his mother and starts off into apostolic work with his new spiritual fathers. His mom helped to prepare a righteous and faithful young man who would go on to do great work in the New Testament and even suffer death as a martyr for the gospel on the streets of Ephesus.

The Call To Shape Identity

- Women through the grace of motherhood are uniquely gifted to shape identity in children and youth.
- Women by the grace of motherhood are able to see inside a young man or woman what is often not visible to others that didn’t bear them.
- While fathers also bring identity to children and youth, mothers also shape identity through their patient care and nurturing abilities.
- Many great leaders are the result of a loving and faithful mother.
- The next generation is waiting for mother to arrive and help them into their future.

1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

In these verses we see the apostle Paul describing he and his team of leaders “as a nursing mother tenderly cares for their own children.” As we read this letter from Paul, we see that motherhood is not just a station in life reserved for those who have borne children but that it is an actual grace and calling that comes upon those who are willing.

The point here is that motherhood is a grace and calling available to girls and women at any age or place in life. Even the nature of small children shows how little girls often love to play with baby dolls. It is easy for them because it is in their God-designed nature to do so. In the kingdom of God, that design becomes very important in the training and development of future generations.
Whether women have borne children yet or not, the grace and design of motherhood is able to work through them like it did in the lives of Lois and Eunice towards Timothy.

Available To All Women

- Regardless of place in life, the gift and grace of motherhood is available and effective.
- This grace and design knows no boundaries in terms of age or experience as it works within the heart through faith.
- The design of motherhood lives inside of women and is powerful when they understand it and work out of it.

Ruth 1:1-22

The powerful Old Testament story of the book of Ruth describes the ability of God to restore motherhood when it seems that children and legacy are lost. The story describes how a woman named Naomi lost her husband and sons and was left without a legacy. When all appeared to be finished, her daughter-in-law Ruth vows loyalty and makes an oath to stay with her unto death! Naomi’s motherhood had produced faith in Ruth with the outcome being a beautiful restoration and healing of the loss and bitterness that defined Naomi.

Ruth goes on to marry again and have a child who becomes the grandfather of King David who is in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Whether mothers have made mistakes or seen children lost and stolen, God is faithful and able to bring back what has been forfeited and even taken.

Motherhood Redeemed and Restored

- God is a redeemer. He is able to take broken places of motherhood where failures and mistakes have robbed us and able restore us.
- Through the things that have happened in life, some women have lost confidence in their ability to be a mother and even feel disqualified.
- God is the God of restoration and is able to restore what seems impossible and is able to give us confidence and identity.
- God does not want women to go unfilled in their calling and identity as mothers. He is bringing a restoration of motherhood in the earth through the church that will raise the next generation of Timothy type leaders.
- False movements that seek to deconstruct the identity of women and motherhood will not have power to build succeeding generations.
- We must not conform to that narrative but be delivered from it in order to see the future leaders shaped and molded by the caring and patient hands of Godly mothers.