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In Hope

May 5, 2019

Romans 8:18-25

Romans chapter 5 begins a large section of scripture where the Apostle Paul focuses on the core ideas of the Gospel of Justification by Faith, Standing in Grace and Rejoicing in Hope. As he is wrapping up this section of the book, he clearly focuses on the idea that we live In Hope. The Apostle explains that we are in labor with all of creation in the “pains of childbirth” as we anticipate the fullness of the kingdom of heaven that is here, and coming soon. We wait IN HOPE.

Biblical Hope

- Biblical Hope is not bubbles, unicorns, uniformed optimism or “good vibes”.
- Biblical Hope acknowledges suffering and pain then considers it in the context of eternity.
- Authentic, Biblical hope is revealed in suffering and walked out with patience.
- Authentic, Biblical hope is joyful, spirit fueled and confident – Not a wish/good thought.
- Disciples of Jesus are to be filled with Hope.

The World Is Waiting In Hope

This world is broken.
- Creation was unwillingly subjected to futility.
- Thorns and Thistles – Genesis 3:17-19.
- Pain in Child birth – Genesis 3:16.

The Futility Of Ecclesiastes

- This world longs to be set free with the revealing of the sons of God in fullness.
- We Are Waiting In Hope.
- We walk in the first fruits of the Spirit but know we haven’t arrived yet.
- Today is awesome as we have the first fruits of the Spirit (in Him we live and move and have our being – We are Made New). Tomorrow is “awesomer".
- We long for resurrection and a new body along with a new creation.