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If God Be For Us

June 2, 2019

Romans 8

Eternity With God/Hope in Jesus

-The disciples were living in perilous times.
-Perilous times caused them to be more focused on eternity not their difficult situations.
-We are called to live for the gospel, not our American prosperity.
-No one can take away your hope in Jesus.
-Your eternity in heaven is dependent on what God did, not what you did.
-His purpose for us to be established in life and to spend eternity with God.
-Everything we go through in this life is preparing us for eternity with God.
-We must know Him if we’re going to spend eternity with Him.

Saved to be Like Jesus

-God chooses you and you choose Him.
-God foreknew you, He foresaw your existence.
-He desires that people would believe in Him so He has a plan to get them to himself- through Jesus’ sacrifice.
-The way of salvation was already set into motion before you existed.
-You were saved to be like Jesus.
-We lost our real family because of sin, but we’re gaining it back through salvation.

Resurrection Life and Purpose (Hebrews 6)

-You are being prepared and perfected for eternity. -Those he justified, he glorified.
-He will raise you up and call you to Himself.
-You have been called and you have been made ready to work in the purposes of God.
-Your issues will not hinder you from pursuing Him.
-If you have been called then you have been justified and you have been qualified to be used by God.

The Glory of God is in You

-God brought the Holy Spirit into the world to live in you, therefore there is a measure of the glory of God living in you and on you right now.
-Those whom he justified He also glorified!
-He sees you as His beloved child who carries His glory.
-Sin is no longer the issue that is deciding your fate, Jesus died to take sin away.

If God is for us Who can be against us?

-No matter what you face, it is never greater than God and it cannot prevail.
-No trial can ever prevail because you have eternal life.
-If you truly believe in Him then you can endure anything.
-God was willing to hand over His son for you which disarmed and destroyed the enemy’s power.
-God went the distance to give His son for you, what else will He do? Everything.