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Help In Our Weakness

May 26, 2019

Romans 8 Intro

- We have eternal life through Jesus Christ.
- This is not based upon our human ability and strength to live up to God's laws alone.
- The Holy Spirit is producing in us the ability to serve God and choose Him.
- Our hope is in eternity with Christ.
- Our best life is not here in a first world context where things are pleasant.
- People in other places are suffering today and cling to the hope of eternity with God on the other side of their struggle.
- The church is to always be ready for the return of the Lord.

We face trials in our pursuit of eternity

- Winds and waves constantly are attempting to take us off course as we pursue God.
- We need wisdom and help to stay the course.
- Sometimes it seems God is working in ways that make us hard to see Him know what He is doing in the moment.

Romans 8:26-37

- The Spirit helps our weakness.
- Weakness is not a sin. To not admit that we are weak and needful of God is the sin of pride.
- The religious leaders that killed Jesus could not admit their need for Him. (John 9:35-41)
- Our weakness keeps us in need of God and therefore have relationship with Him.
- We do not know what to do but our eyes are on you. (2 Chronicles 20:12)
- Sometimes we do no know what to pray due to not having enough understanding or seeing clearly.

Trauma and pain can hinder the ability to move forward

- The things we suffer in life can be so harsh and damaging that we can be left disoriented and shaken.
- Accidents and events not by our doing can occur and cause us to lose grip with ability to function.
- Evil spirits can become attached to us and wreak havoc creating a need in us to be free of them.
- Through much tribulation we enter the Kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22)

The Holy Spirit helps us pray

- When we do not know pray, we can end up praying out of our human emotion and unresolved motives.
- Utterances too deep for words. Praying in the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues) is the intercession of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.
- When we are at the end of things in our human ability, we lay before God to pray in the Spirit until we are clear and in faith.
- The Holy Spirit keeps us in faith by keeping us in prayer in the Spirit. This is one way the Holy Spirit is working intercession in us.

We need to learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit