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Entrusted & Empowered

Entrusted & Empowered Series
July 14, 2019

We Need a Family

- Family is mentioned over a thousand times throughout scripture
- Family is important to God

Genesis 1:27-29

- Marriage and family is from God
- God is the first family
- Jesus is coming back to be united with His bride
- God’s intent is for us to understand family and to live in it

Family Comes From God

- Family is best demonstrated within the church
- God does not intend for you to permanently separate yourself or completely replace your natural family with the church
- In my salvation I have a new family to add to, not replace my natural family

Mark 10:29

- We are called to honor our family
- Matt 15:4-6
- Ministry is not an excuse to not honor our families
- Our family was given to us by God


- Listen and obey your parents
- Honor your father and mother


- Honor your husband, lift him up


- Do not exasperate your children, do not be overly harsh with them
- Hebrews 12: God disciples us for our good and it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness

Brothers and Sisters

- Encourage each other to love and good deeds
- As iron sharpens iron
- Living in close proximity as family brings sanctification


- Husbands, love your wives as Christ has loved you and how he loves the church
- Marriage is a representation of how Christ loves the church


- Justification: forgiven as if I had never sinned
- Sanctification: becoming pure
- Hebrews 12: make straight paths, be sanctified
- Difficult to be sanctified without relationships with other people
- De need a family for sanctification

God of Restoration and Hope

- Matthew 5:33-34
- Reconciliation and peace comes from God
- Broken family life hurts so much because we know deep inside that it’s a broken gift from God
- God blesses that which is inside of His will
- Few are called to be single for their whole life
- If we want the plan of God we must obey the plan of God
- God can bring family back around and restore what’s been broken and damaged

Finding Our Place in Family

  1. - How can I serve my family better?
  2. - Who in my family does God want me to reconcile with?
  3. - How is my view of family not like God’s view?
  4. - What family do I still long for?
  5. - What does the Bible say about my role in family?

Healing Broken Places

- God wants to come deal with the sensitive areas
- Family is a part of everyone’s lives because it’s a part of God
- We are called to be at peace with our families and to build godly families

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