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Entrusted & Empowered

Entrusted & Empowered Series
June 30, 2019

Part 2 - Identity

2 Peter 1: 3-4

Identity Crisis

- Stuff can change you if you don’t know who you are.
- Things people say about you can change who you are.
- When we gain our identity from our stuff or what people say we loose our true identity which should be in God.
- When you know Jesus you know who you are.
- As a disciple of Jesus you are: redeemed by Jesus, adopted into his family, you are in Christ and he determines who you are and what you do.
- You are not what’s been done to you, you are what Jesus has done for you

Unique Call/ Assignment

- 1 Corinthians 7:17; 6:19; 7:22
- Diversity of gifts is important in the wild and in the body of Christ.
- We are all different it still in the same family.
- You have a unique call, unique talents and abilities.
- Stay in your call. There may be pain, but there is always joy.

Common Attitude

- 1 Peter 5:6
- We have a common attitude when we walk with Jesus.
- Without love we are useless.
- Humility is necessary, humility is the key.
- No matter how you came, no matter your gifts- remain in God, know Him.
- Your relationship with Jesus in the most important thing.
- Don’t think too highly of yourself.

Unique Gifts

- Things God has given just to you. A mix of spiritual and practical gifts necessary for His purpose.
- One body has many members, all are needed.
- Romans 12:4-6
- Comparison is a killer.
- Do what God has asked of you.
- Devil says, “your gifts and abilities don’t matter. You have nothing to offer.”
- The truth is: if you know Jesus, He has empowered you.

Common Purpose

- 1 Peter 4:10
- You are a tool to be used by Him and for His glory.
- Sometimes we don’t understand the purpose for which we have been called.
- Bring the Kingdom whenever I go because my identity if not affected by where I am or who I’m with.

Six Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Does my gift edify the Body of Christ?
2. Does it help you? Help others?
3. Do you give and receive truth in love?
4. Does your gift bring different Christian growth?
5. What are you using your gifts for?
6. Does it give Him glory?

Find your gift:

- Where do you have passion to serve?
- What do you have a burden to do?
- What needs do you see in the church?
- What do you find satisfaction and joy in doing for others?
- What do you do best and have success in?
- What have others encouraged you in?
- Philippians 1:6

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