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Entrusted & Empowered

Entrusted & Empowered Series
June 23, 2019

Part 2 - Responsibility & Power

Entrusted- to be given responsibility, accountability.
Empowered- to be given power, ability and strength.
God has given us power and He trusts us.

2 Peter 1:1

- Faith in Christ is the same among all believers. You can all be saved because there is no variation of salvation. You can’t be more or less saved. We have obtained the same faith.
- You have a different life that Jesus has entrusted you with to walk according to what He has called you.

2 Peter

- The grace of God transforms and empowers you to live righteously.
- There is a difference between struggling with temptation vs. giving in to temptation.
- Do you know Jesus personally or do you just know about Jesus?
- V.3 His divine power has granted us all things for life and godliness. You can resist anything that goes against the scriptures because you have been given all things necessary for life and godliness.
- Very great and precious promises have been given so we can become partakers in His divine nature.

Transformed and Empowered

- You are transformed, made new in his image, therefore you have been empowered and can now walk in holiness.
- You can escape sin, escape temptation and run into the arms of the Lord because you have been empowered.
- You can now partake in His divine nature, you don’t have to wait. Your job is to obey him, the rest is up to Him.

Participating in the Life of God now

- Jesus invited you to know God. Jesus has redeemed it all.
- If I know Jesus my life will demonstrate that.
- Ask the Lord, where in my life am I not living in Gods power?
- Where have you trusted me?
- Am I making the most of that?

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