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The Vision For Bread Of Life Church
A local church family that desires the Kingdom of God to come to earth as it is in heaven
We are actively pursuing this vision through passionately worshipping God and truly loving one another. We desire to live in the presence and power of God and to walk out authentic Christianity as it is revealed in the Book of Acts. Matthew 22:37-40  Acts 2:42

The Vision For Fresno

Build an altar and call people to it

In the fall of the 2011, the leaders diligently sought the Lord to hear the purpose of Bread of Life Church within the community of Fresno.  Through much prayer, a mandate was given from the Lord to “build an altar and call people to it”. This simply means there was a call to find a place of prayer and consecration before God. If His people would be obedient to this call, the Lord Himself would meet them at that altar. This isn’t a physical altar built by human hands, but an altar of consecration of the heart before The Lord. Acts 1:14 2:1-4  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

The Vision For The Region

Nurtured relationships that reproduce the seed of the Kingdom

We desire to see multiple churches in this region of California working in together through familial relationships producing strength across the congregations and ultimately additional church plants and the expansion of the Kingdom. We are looking for the Glory of God to come to this land through united hearts and united faith.  Acts 1:6-8

 The Value of Prayer

Prayer is critical to the advancement of the Kingdom of God

Prayer is critical to the ongoing advancement of the Kingdom of God and the development of the church. We are convinced that a church without prayer will be a powerless church. Jesus devoted much of his ministry life to prayer and so did his disciples after his ascension. We desire to see God move on our nation and on the hearts of many. It is our belief that this will come about through diligent prayer. Matthew 6:6-13, Jude 20

The Value Of The Bible

The Bible is THE standard of truth that measures all of humanity

The Bible is the standard of truth that teaches and measures all of humanity. The Bible is not just a historical book. It is the pattern for how the New Testament Church is to be built. Its pages reveal the nature and character of God showing God’s people how we are called to live. The Bible is the word of God and is without error. 2 Timothy 3:16

The Value Of Legacy

The Kingdom of God is multi-generational

Throughout the Bible, the Kingdom of God is clearly portrayed as multi-generational. As such, we have a strong vision for succeeding generations. We understand that previous generations should offer their strength and wisdom to the following generations that become their legacy. A multi-generational vision is critical to the continuation of the church. Psalm 145:4

The Value Of Team

Man should not walk alone

We value team ministry. In the scriptures, no one person carries the load of leadership in a solitary role. Our philosophy of ministry includes a senior leader who leads a team with additional members serving alongside to provide accountability, diversity, and support. Proverbs 11:14

The Value Of Wider Connectivity

In order for something to be healthy, it must be a part of something larger than itself

In order for something to be healthy, it must be a part of something larger than itself. As such, Bread of Life Church is a part of the C2C Family of Churches  in the United States as well as the Salt & Light International Family of Churches. We value outside input and do not want to exist as our own source of counsel. Therefore, we are deeply submitted to leaders within our relational communities. This in turn, safeguards the church providing accountability and support to the local leaders and congregation. Proverbs 24:3-6